Topic outline

  • Climate Change, Bigger than the Science

    question and information in speech bubblesThe science of climate change is important and you will learn all about that as part of your course work. These days, however, climate change is all around us and everyone seems to have an opinion.

    Here we will have a chance to investigate the non-science side of climate change. Click on the topic titles from the list below to jump to the resources.

  • This topic

    Climate Change and Politics

    pencil showing a vote by ticking a boxWe'll start our discussion on politics with a poll. As students and voters in a democratic society we all have the right to our opinion.

    Let's see what our course participants think about the politics of climate change.

    The poll is anonymous, so feel free to be totally honest.

  • Climate Change and the Media

    newspaperThere's no doubt that climate change is a hot topic in the media. With many points of view on the subject, it's interesting to see how different groups present their message to the wider community.

    Work through the lesson to view some example media resources and answer questions relating to them.

  • Climate Change and Workers

    work signMany people work in industries that are heavily reliant on fossil fuels. For these people, government action on climate change could mean that they lose their jobs.

    Other people say that action on climate change will create jobs in a new green-energy industry. What's the truth behind this?